demo, fool

by JoySpent

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3 demo songs that will be released on a full length later on


released June 14, 2014


tags: punk Tampa


all rights reserved


JoySpent Tampa, Florida

three buds from tampa playing music together

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Track Name: Pink Slip Paper Planes
Coffee scent plastered on my tongue
hunched over a desk inside a cubicle prison
pretending to do a job that I hate
my hands take on an ugly shape
a landing site
for pink slip paper planes

Please let me fly away

Just do me the favor
bring me to a final departure
where I am not an employee
of the clock, where ticking
in my brain just stops
and my hands create
work fulfilling.
Track Name: Flies Over the Dead
at the sight and the smell of the french press
Dark yet an essential component
for my brain, my body, resisting rest
I submit
Everyday I submit
and admit I'm one sorry championed addict

Wearing a beehive crown
on my head
buzz buzz buzz
like flies over the dead
How am I different?

Palpitations invited
spread across the chest
Violent thrashes with a tide
of a paranoia

Dehydrated and panicked
I want to forget today existed
A monster of habit
vulnerable and pathetic magnet

Wearing a beehive crown
on my head
buzz buzz buzz
like flies over the dead
How am I different?

Numbing fingertips
slurred slanguage
an advocate of forgetfulness
complacent with self-damage

Track Name: Criticize the Neighborhood
Sirens, wailing and polluting the peace on the porches
Dogs barking, couples yelling
from every god damn direction
I've had it, fuck, you know I've had it
Just searching for one quiet moment,
but it ain't here
cause grace turns its heels
at the steps of the long-faced

Cracking knuckles for ease
Rubbing temples, short release
I want to drown
in dark waters that run deep
Cursing gods of all creeds
Drinking myself pathetically
Put me down
and I'll go at least without a sound

shaking, remembering the last words i heard from a lost friend
what i'd do to exhaust ourselves in just one more conversation
I panic, 8 years later, still panic
at the thought of your death, unexpected
and worse that you won't return
for this, my eyes forever burn